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Give (and get) Advice

Want to make a move in your sales career? This is the place to ask questions and give advice on creating new opportunities, acing that interview, expanding your network, landing a new job and more.

Industry News to Discuss and Debate

Want to know all the latest updates happening in sales? This is the place to learn, debate, and discuss everything relating to industry news.

Celebrating Big (and small) Wins

Take a moment to acknowledge your wins and congratulate others on their achievements. This is the place to celebrate yourself and others.

B.S.'ing Around

No one wants to only talk about sales all day. We’d all go insane. So we started this category for everyone to just shoot the shit with each other. Think of it as a place to get conversations going about… well, anything really.

Job Board

Looking for your next sales job? Got a new opportunity you want to attract top sellers to? Well, this is the spot to get everything job-related out there to your target audiences.

Submit Community Feedback

This is your community, and we want everyone here to help shape and guide the interactive experience. So, don’t hold back. Post your feedback, make some requests of what you’d like to see, and chime in on the suggestions that others have made (either by commenting or upvoting on ideas you love.)