Sales tools that rule (and you couldn't live without!) 🛠

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  • Name of sales tools worth demo’ing
  • Relevant links (so others can check them out easier)
  • Mention why it makes selling easier and more efficient

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Since COVID it is hard to send thinks like handwritten thank you cards, etc to peoples offices. is a great e-card service which allows you to e-mail a gift of thanks at any dollar value. If they can’t accept the gift, they can donate it to a charity of their choice. I have used this to build relationships with EAs…Happy to day, I have not had an issue getting on an exec calendar. ;^)


Love that your contribution to this thread was hyper focused on relationship building!

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First section of the Sandler Sub…“Rapport”

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I’ve been using Humantic.AI for a few months now.

Analyzes linked-in profiles and provides personality insights so you can tailor messaging.

Truthfully - I don’t use it as much this way, I will do the analysis for VIP contacts but the way it’s been very beneficial for me as a BDR is that it provides the local time of a prospect directly on their linked profile, this is helpful when I’m making dials (I always have a prospects linked in open as well) to ensure I’m calling at optimal times and not disturbing someone outside of working hours if there are time differences.


Really interested in what each of your thoughts are on the most effective, must-have sales tools that you and your teams use. I feel this topic could lead to a playbook of sorts formed by the perspectives of the community.

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Great advice, @greg.nishihira. Looking into it now…

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I’ve held off thinking, what if I upset them because they can’t accept a gift? Genius that they can donate as well. What’s the $ amount typically? $10 like a Starbucks card?

HA! Sandler sales was my first sales training methodology. I still think about closing those compartments on the sub!

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Enlyft or ZoomInfo for technology landscape intel at accounts.


Similar to the tool @ Ben Fanjoy uses, I use Crystal Knows for personality profiling using DISC. It provides suggestions for many phases of the sale cycle (I have the sales subscription) from cold calling to preparing a proposal, to ending emails to negotiating etc. It also integrates with gmail so you can get recommendations that can pop up while composing an email to a specific person

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This is ironic but databook is my #1 resource I use to break into new accounts. Databook in conjunction with ChatGPT has allowed me to get exec access because of my unique knowledge of the customer’s priorities.


Sorry @amy.tsao.demmler somehow I missed your reply!

They have preset amounts which range. What I like about it, is that they are virtual cards to just about anywhere. I think you can send virtual SBUX from SBUX directly, but thnks provides a nice variety.

If interested, here is a link you can use to sign up…its free to sign up.

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i have been using zendesk

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sandler sale tool was my first choice